Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get distracted by the pretty colors!

I know you think you got me. You think that I didn't follow through with my theme week, but HA! Joke's on you, cause I did. I posted some vintage Pyrex for sale yesterday, I just didn't write about it here. Behold:
Vintage Pyrex and it's pretty pretty colors.... The first and last piece, the butter dish and the orange mixing bowl are both different variations of the Butterfly Gold patter, the white mixing bowl is part of the super mod Square Flowers variation of the Verde pattern and the turquoise divided casserole is from the Snowflake pattern, which was apparently recently seen on Mad Men. All of these pieces are available at the Bad White Trash Memories Esty Shop.

The next piece of Pyrex isn't a pretty color. Actually, it isn't even Pyrex. It's a Federal Glass Heat Proof casserole with an awesome black, white and gold leaf deco/mod design.

Available here.

And today, theme week continues with dresses! I posted three lovely bright fun summer dresses today.
Click the links to look at more photos, to buy or just to find out more information.

Tomorrow I have four plus size vintage dresses to share so stay tuned.

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