Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New items at the store!

Okay, so funny story.  The day before we left to go to the mountains, my husband had taken off of work, so we went out to lunch and then hit up the thrift store nearby.  It's a miracle that I have a husband who likes junking as much, if not more, than me.  He will often bring me home items to sell, like this:

So, we're at the thrift store and the junk gods are smiling on us.  Our cart is filling up.  Filling up to the point that we had to do several rounds of eliminations before reaching the checkout, but still ended up snatching up an old polaroid camera on our way out the door.  Especially fun for my husband was that someone had donated a huge collection of comic books.  Paul said, "Somebody's mom is a total b*#ch!"  So, he spent most of the approximate two hours that we spent in there going through old comic books, picking up some valuable items and some purely nostalgic ones.  You won't see those for sale though, because according to Paul, "Those comics are our retirement!"  In any case, at one point we're huddled together in the back of the store between the desk lamps and records (we also picked up Suzanne Vega- Suzanne Vega, Billy Joel- The Stranger, Cowboy Junkies and Culture Club on vinyl) and this woman comes up to me and asks me how much the Pyrex Verde covered divided casserole dish I have in my cart is.

So, I tell her.  And she says that she was just wondering because she collects that pattern.  Ever the shrewd, but socially awkward business woman, I reply, "Oh really.  You want to offer me more for it?"  She kind of rolled her eyes and walked away.

After that episode, Paul informed me of how poorly I handled it, telling me that I should have offered to let her have it and shared my site with her, hoping for a new customer.  He's right.  But, wow, it's gorgeous, right?  

All these items and more for sale at Bad White Trash Memories.