Friday, March 20, 2009

Ultra Lime

We've spent the past two days painting Paul's office. After much deliberation, we decided on a lime green color. His office furniture is black and grey, so I wanted something that coordinates with that. He let me pick the color, which is a huge responsibility, and last night, I was kind of questioning it, but this morning after it's dried, I feel really good about it. It's also "inspired" by an old chair that one of our neighbors threw out and we snatched up. Yes, we're those kind of people.

But seriously, would you leave that on the curb? It makes me want to go knock on their door and ask to look through their house. We already have a set of 6 white tulip chairs that we purchased from our friend Leah. They belonged to her grandmother and she couldn't use them and had them in storage. We use them with our dining room table. I think we're at our quota for tulip chairs, but man, I love them. So beautiful.
I have several ideas for "art" on the cheap cheap for his office. He collects comic books, so I was thinking of framing some of them in black frames and putting them up. I looked up comic book frames and they are kind of pricey at $20 each, so I'll have to find an alternate solution if I go with this. He also has a collection of old toys- think 80s Transformer action figures- and I thought it would be cute to put some of those up on shelves. I also want to get some graphic black and white curtains for in there, but that might have to wait a while until the budget allows it (like when I get a job).