Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blogity Blogity Blog Blog- New Direction

Ok, so this isn't my only blog. I know a lot of the people that read this blog also read what is basically my personal journal over on Live Journal. That's where all the real dirt is. You can also find lots of whining and nonsense over there. I started this blog to be my sort of "professional" blog, but I don't really know what it's amounted to. Certainly no income.

Mostly, this is my fault because I update it so rarely and my content over here is pretty weak, but since it is my "professional" blog, I have to keep things somewhat professional, which means that I just skim the surface of my personal life and try to keep my opinions as mum as possible, as not to alienate any potential empolyers. So, why does this blog even exist and what do I hope to accomplish with it?

Well, the name of this blog is also the name of my fabulous online vintage store, Bad White Trash Memories, and I've decided to use this blog as a way of expanding on what I do there.

That means that I'm going to be talking a lot about vintage housewares. I can almost feel the rush of people unbookmarking me. I'll also be sharing my adventures in yard saling and thrifting, etc.

But because I have this ridiculous need to share my personal life with the internet, I'm going to also be starting a new blog that chronicles my experience with divorce. This blog will be anonymous and not have my real name attached to it in any way, but if you'd like to read it, shoot me an email and I'll send you the link. Well, maybe I'll send it to you, depending on who you are, but if you only know me professionally, I won't be sharing that link with you since I plan on chronicling all the ins and outs of my (very) personal life there. The live journal ridiculousness will also continue, so those of you that read that blog can keep up with me there.

I'm just trying to give this thing direction. Trying to steer the ship a little better. Get hold of the reigns. Etc.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Short Fiction and Burlesque

Last night, my friend Leah and I attended Creative Loafing's Fiction Contest Party at Eyedrum. The theme of this year's contest was "slip" which resulted in three finalists, with stories tackling cross-dressing, the disintegration of a relationship and the death of a parent. The cross-dressing story won the contest, and it was, definitely, the best of the three, but unfortunately, it also inspired a burlesque theme for the party, which resulted in four awkward performances, including at least one wardrobe malfunction leading to nipple exposure.

But one thing I did learn (I've seen nipples before) is that short fiction is where it's at. I've long since fancied myself a writer and after having moderate (okay, fine, semi-moderate) success with poetry, I moved on to novels and I am proud to have no less than four incomplete novels under my belt. But I just can't finish them. I don't have the patience and my desire to write poetry left with the angst of youth. But there's this whole intermediate genre out there that I've completely neglected. And I don't even know how this is possible since I love Flannery O'Connor so much.

Tonight, I'm off to my friend, artist Amanda Dumas-Hernandez's, closing reception of her "Blessings and Curses" exhibit at Studioplex on Auburn Ave.

Tomorrow, I'm taking my niece for a tour of Kennesaw State and then going out to dinner with my friend Wendy. Saturday and Sunday I'm working for the man.

It's a good life. Busy. But also lonely. This song seems to be stuck in my head a lot.

And speaking of Jill Andrews, I'll be seeing her February 4 at Eddie's Attic.