Friday, November 7, 2008

The Secret

Ooops. Missed a few days...

Tuesday is my last official day with a job. It's nerve-wracking, but also exciting. I feel like I'm on the verge of some really great life discoveries.

I wrote several chapters in one of my novels on Wednesday night. It's not the memiors one that I planned to focus on, but inspiration stuck and I'm hoping to be more discliplined about completing it. It would be my first completed novel, so I'm trying not to be hopeful of getting it published, etc, but then again, I kind of want to "secret" it. If you don't know, this is the "secret." Actually, I'm not all that sure how "the secret" works, so I guess I should rent the dvd or something. Basically, my understanding is that by the power of positive thinking, you create your own reality, or something, but like I said, I haven't read the book or seen the movie.

So, plans for this weekend, my last weekend, because I envision all the days just running together after Tuesday-

Tonight- wash the dogs, do laundry
Tomorrow- go yard saling with Sarah, rent The Secret
Sunday- come into work to organize all my files, get everything in order, etc, make plans for the person taking over my responsibilites to help her out cause I like her and don't want to leave her in a bad place.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History is happening. This is the kind of thing that our grandkids will ask us about- either a black president or a woman vice president. Either one is a good thing, but if this term doesn't go well, and it won't, no matter who wins, either cause will probably be set back by this election. If Obama wins and things go south, people will blame his misfortune of inheriting a disaster on his being black and it will be a long long time until we see another black president. And God knows, that Sarah Palin is going to make all women look bad no matter what she says or does because of how she presents herself and a bad term for McCain will result in Palin's gender taking a hit. It's too bad, but bound to happen. Just my thoughts. I hope that I'm wrong.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Local Pubs

Picked up three intesting local publications today- a pet magazine, a women's magazine and a local neighborhood magazine. Going to contact all three of them in coming days to see if they accept unsolicited submissions, etc. A magazine editor that I know and have worked with in the past also sent me an email expressing interest in having me write some pieces for her publication, which is a magazine that is for people who are new to Atlanta.

I also got fitAtlanta to agree to publish me, but they don't pay. I've been writing a regular column for them for a while on behalf of my job, but now I'm going to start doing that independently. At least that will give me some clips. They only publish quarterly, so it's not a huge commitment. I know I just talked about undervaluing yourself, but since I have an existing relationship with them, I'm making an exception in this case.

I cannot wait until my two weeks notice is up. November 12 I am a free woman.

Oh, I'm also going to contact the television station that I used to work for and see if they want me on a freelance basis... Writing this time, not doing the horrible soul-crushing stuff I was doing before...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home from Greenville! I'm going to write a weekend getaway article and try to sell it.