Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm thinking of giving this blog a theme, like "Adventures in Poverty" or "How to Make Money Without Working or Breaking the Law." Maybe "Poor Like Me." You know, so I can share my experiences trying to make ends meet during this time of my unfortunate unemployment.
Turns out merchants want cash in exchange for goods.  Housewivery would be a lot more fun if it paid better.  

I signed up today to be in a database for market research.  You know, when you go somewhere to be part of a focus group and they ask you questions and whatnot and then pay you.  My SAHM sister does this.  I'm also up to 23 cents on my eHow articles, so I should be able to live off that pretty soon.  

On the flip side, I love being at home all day.  I love the peace and quiet.  I love having a clean and tidy house.  I love being surrounded by my animal friends.  

I am getting some work, but not nearly enough to compensate for my fulltime salary.  I mean, I wasn't expecting to make an equal amount right out the gate, and well, I'm not.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I applied for several interesting freelance gigs today including one as a guide at, which is like the best possible freelance writing job. I've been watching their site, waiting for a topic that I was an expert in to come up and finally, today, one did. I applied to be the guide to camcorders. I figure with my professional videographer experience and my degree in film and video production, along with my writing experience, I have a shot, although I am sure that they are overwhelmed with applicants. This would be guaranteed monthly income in a substantial amount, which is a rarity in the freelance writing world. But, again, it's a long shot. The form letter they sent me said not to expect to hear anything for 8 weeks...

Speaking of long shots, I've decided not to try out for Design Star. I figured I'd wait a year and work on building up a decent portfolio and resolve some other personal issues and then try out. It's not like I was holding my breath. I think it would be better for me to focus on more realistic goals right now.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

I made that jive ass turkey. No problem.

Thanksgiving was a success and I've spent much of the past two days doing nothing, but it's back to the grind tomorrow because I have two articles due on Monday for an ocularist's newsletter. If you don't know, an ocularist makes ocular prosthetics.

This week, I've got to follow up with the substitute situation and get to work on the two grants I'm writing right now- one paid and one as a volunteer for AARF, the rescue that owns Douglas (see widget at right).

My craigslist selling has really picked up- I've sold everything that I've listed except for this horrible old couch and a dog crate, but I'm going to relist them both tomorrow. I thought I was going to sell the couch today. After asking me a thousand questions about the couch, the guy said that he'd be by to pick it up between 4 and 5, but he never showed. Annoying. I'm asking $30 for the couch. I'm asking for that amount because that's about how much it's worth. About the only good thing I have to say about that couch is that you can sit on it, but what do you expect for $30? This guy wanted to know if it had any tears. If I could take additional pictures for him. If we smoked. If we had pets. He just kept asking questions, which I can understand if you'd paying say over $50, but what do you expect for $30?

Likewise, the dog crate has someone who is interested in it and I've basically told her that I can meet her anywhere at any time with it, just tell me where and when and she keeps giving me the most vague answers- Like "southeast atlanta after 2pm." Sure. I'll be there!

I'm giving up on both of those fools and starting fresh tomorrow. We're also selling some stuff on ebay that has been sitting in the basement for a while. We sold three items and have 4 more listed. I'm hoping to make about $400 from those sales, but most of it goes to my husband since it's his stuff. I get a cut since I'm doing the work to get it sold like one of those "We Will Sell Your Stuff on Ebay" stores. I'd love to open one of those stores, but unfortunately, I just saw one located near me survive for several months and then die a slow painful death until is finally went under. No thanks. I'll stick to writing for now.