Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Fashion

After falling in love with dresses this summer, it's been hard for me to leave that love in the past and move on to fall. Normally, I love the warm roomy sweaters of the season, but this year, they seem so.... I don't know... cumbersome?

I'm in the process of a total image makeover. While my current frumpy and conservative look has served me well, I guess there's a certain sophistication that comes with aging that I've been lacking. Suddenly, I'm caring about designers and actually thinking about what my clothes say about me artistically. Formerly, my checklist went something like this:

- Does it fit?
- Is it comfortable?
- Is it appropriate?

I don't know how I fell into such a rut, but NO MORE! Really, it's been an issue of self-esteem. We've all laughed at those ridiculous people that go out of their way to look terrible. Behold:

It is my fear to be one of these people. The thing is that it's so much worse to put so much effort into looking good and then end up looking ridiculous, than to not put in much effort and look like it. I've been opting for the latter. But, now, I'm ready to take some chances! I mean, don't expect to see me in furry yellow boots anytime soon, but maybe I could do some fishnets. Under a pencil skirt. Not with white Reeboks.

I hope to be posting some pics of me sporting some new looks soon. Goodbye frumpy mom suits! So long careless jeans and t-shirts of my youth! Wouldn't want to be ya, pink velour sweat suit!