Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heavy Metal

I liked posting a new item every day this week so much that I'm doing a bonus round today!

This is a small clutch in black and metallic shades. It basically changes color depending on how you look at it. The trim is gold and it's in really really good condition.

I don't remember where I got this purse. And the condition is so good that I actually questioned if it was even vintage, but it just screams late 70s/early 80s. Click here for more information.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Anchors Aweigh!

This is another dress that I would love to wear this summer but it's too small for me. It's a hand-made vintage sailor dress in seersucker. I mean, seriously? How could it be more adorable? Oh, I know. Square buttons!

I bought this dress at a yard sale last summer and put it in my purse box that I keep under my bed. Then, somehow, it became invisible. You know, sometimes you just stop seeing things. Then, yesterday, I was looking through the purse box and suddenly, there it was! Like I heard a little angel choir when I saw it.

Click here to make this dress your own little miracle!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hare Krishna Blouse

Most of the items in my store come from the past, but not this blouse. I'm pretty sure it comes from the future. Specifically, it's what all the post-technical revolution Hare Krishnas are wearing
This is designer vintage, ya'll. It's designed by Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy, a line carried by Nordstrom in the 80s. It's 100% silk and my very most favorite thing about it is that it buttons down the back. It can be yours by clicking here.

So, like I promised, I've been posting a new item everyday. Tomorrow's is going to be awesome.

But in addition to posting, I've also been working on the social media for the store. You can see, over to the right here, links to the Bad White Trash Memories Facebook page and the Twitter feed. You can also "like" the store on Facebook, right here from this page. I've also set it up so that all my blog posts automatically post to Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, this is causing a few redundancy issues right now that I'm not quite sure how to resolve. But I'm thinking on it. So please be patient if you're getting over-notified about new items.

My plan is to use this blog for entries like this one that go into detail about new listed items and give information and updates about the store in general. I also plan to share stories of my adventures in hunting for merchandise. I'm planning to use twitter to live-tweet shopping trips and give short notices when a new blog is posted or a new item goes up for sale. Facebook will provide links to new merchandise and new blog entries, plus there's a virtual store on the Facebook page as well that allows you to browse items directly from Facebook.

Thanks for the love everyone has been giving me on Facebook. I'm so appreciative of the support that Bad White Trash Memories is receiving from my friends and from strangers. I get all tickled when someone I don't know "likes" my store.

Hare Krishna.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kelly Green Vintage Wrap Skirt

Challenge Day 2!

Ok, this one was easy. Sure it's one of the adorable summer skirts I was talking about yesterday and trust me, I would love to wear this one. It's so unique with its pockets and wrap tie style, but it's a tinge too small. So, skinny girls, enjoy! I'll just be over here eating cookies. Nom Nom.
Click here to buy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please Pardon Our Progress

This is just a little test post to see if the automatic feeds I set up are working.

Etsy Personal Challenge Week!

This week (yes, I'm aware that it's already Tuesday) I have challenged myself to list a new item for sale at Bad White Trash Memories over on Etsy. I'm going to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. For real. Well, except for yesterday. And maybe Saturday and Sunday.

Today's item is an awesome little white vintage clutch.

I'm so excited about this little purse because it's going to look awesome with my new (vintage) summer wardrobe I've been working on. Lately, I've been finding lots of quaint little housewife skirts in bright bold summer colors.

Oh wait. I'm selling this purse. And probably most of those skirts. You should buy them so that you can live out my summery hipster dreams. Go here to buy the purse.