Thursday, January 8, 2009

Outside the Box

I tired to think outside the box today in tems of job hunting and applied for two jobs that I would not normally think to apply for. One was a temporary position as a Production Assistant at a local cable television station and the other was as the Membership Manager for a non-profit. The PA job is well below my skill level, but it's temporary and it might be a foot in the door for another job. Plus, it would be cool to have some money coming in while I'm looking. The Membership Manager job... not sure how I feel about that one. Looking over the qualifications, I feel that I'm fairly qualified, although I've not really done anything like that before, but who has? One thing that I've seen over and over again at non-profits is people getting hired for jobs that they've never done before. Basically, if you have a solid work history and a college degree, you're qualified. I'm not sure how much I would enjoy that job, but I am confident that I would enjoy the organization since it's animal related.

It really is a tough job market right now. I had been telling myself that as soon as the holidays were over, the calls would start coming in, but that's not happening. The search continues!

Little White House

While Georgia has long been famous for Roosevelt's "Little White House" in Warm Springs, a new miniature version of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is currently the talk of Atlanta.
This eyesore, which was erected on Briarcliff Road, just a few short miles from my house, about eight years ago, is currently up for sale. The owners, who are home builders notorious for tearing down the character rich mid-century ranches in this area of town and replacing them with cookie-cutter McMansions, are currently in financial trouble. The house was going to be sold at auction today, but last minute negotiations with the lending institution have kept it off the auction block for now. They are asking 9.88 million, which is just out of my price range, but I wish that I could buy it just so I could tear it down. It's ridiculous and gaudy. And yes, the shrubbery says, "GOD <3 YOU."

Photo courtesy AJC.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poor Douglas

One of the gifts that I got for Christmas was a new manual can opener. It's something that I'd asked for and something that I've been wanting for a long time. We got an electric can opener as a wedding gift and I triumphantly threw the old manual can opener away. It was one of those ancient metal ones like your mom had. Old and dirty and hard to use. But, not being a fan of counter clutter, I have the electric one stowed in a cabinet and sometimes, it just seems like such a huge burden to take it out of the cabinet, use it and put it away- just to open a can of tuna!

So, tonight, I used to new manual for the first time and it's amazing. I don't know how they did it, but they must have discovered a new law of physics or something, because it's like effortless. So smooth. No imprints in my fingers or inflammation of the carpal tunnel.

This is similar to my hair dryer discovery of two years ago in which the purchase of a new hair dryer took half an hour off the time it takes me to get ready in the morning.

In other news, our little Douglas hasn't been feeling well. It started Saturday when Paul took him and Duke over to a friend's house to play in the yard and Douglas didn't seem to feel much like playing. The spent the rest of the day sleeping on the couch next to the space heater. Sunday, his tail was tucked WAY under and he stopped trying to walk up or down the stairs or to jump up on the couch. He mostly just laid around and slept. Yesterday, his tail was so firmly tucked between his legs, that when you pulled it out and then let it go, it snapped back into place like a rubber band.

We suspected, based on his lack of movement and the stiffness in his waddle, that it was arthritis in his legs, since such things can be exacerbated by humidity and it's been raining nonstop since Thursday. He also had a huge sloppy incident of diarrhea yesterday.

So, after getting approval from the rescue yesterday, I took him to the vet this morning. She said that it seemed to be lower back pain and that it was pretty common in beagles. She gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and some pain pills to take home, His tail is now pointed straight down, rather than tucked under, so his tailometer is telling me that he's feeling a little better.

The vet agreed with me that Doug is older than three. She said that she'd say 5 +. I think we're going to need to rewrite poor Doug's online dating profile now that we know that he's old, blind and arthritic.

Monday, January 5, 2009

As Seen on TV

My Etsy sales are out of control! I've sold a total of 9 items, but 5 of them have been in the past two weeks! Still not making nearly enough to live off of or anything, but it feels kind of nice for people to like the stuff that I like. Sort of validating. Like I have good taste or something. It couldn't come at a better time either. Since I need to get my hair did like whoah, among other things.

I got a Ped Egg for Christmas, which I'm about to go try in the shower. My feet- sigh. I used to consider them one of my best features... creamy white with freakishly high arches. But, now I'm paying the price for those high arches and lots of pressure is being put on my heels which causes them to callous, so I'm constantly having to hack and sand them to keep them smooth. I got a pedicure about three weeks ago, but the effects are wearing off. My brother swears the Ped Egg will change my life. We'll see. I did get the snazzy pink breast cancer one, which is fun.

What's up with all the "As Seen on TV" items for sale lately? Doesn't there seem to be a huge influx? There's the Ped Egg and then there's the PediPaws (which my brother keeps calling the Petafile), which I could also use. Duke gets his nails done when he gets groomed, but Douglas doesn't need to be professionally groomed. He just needs his nails done and the groomer charges $12 for it. That's some BS. Doug hasn't been feeling well, so he's going to the vet tomorrow and I'll just get his nails clipped there for now.

I also kind of want the Snuggie. I don't know who came up with the idea of a blanket with sleeves, but they are a genius. The problem with the Snuggie is the colors.

ShamWow. I could use those too! I mean, how else am I supposed to dry my dishes or my boat?! ShamWows are dangerous though. You have to be super wary of imitators. Those imitators aren't even made in Germany! I've seen that commerical one too many times.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Back from Tennessee. Sold a major item on eBay and on Etsy while I was gone, so, that's awesome. I also have two articles to write, so things are going pretty well.

More tomorrow.